A nice review of The Brucciano Poems.

26 May

The Brucciano Poems by Thomas Rain CroweFrom The Orange Spotlight (May 2010):

“For awhile now I have been fixated on finding the perfect place. The place that feels like the euphoric rush and sudden peace of the first sip of thick black coffee in the morning. It’s that calm, the stillness and relaxation that I think I am seeking, but that I never take the time or risk to actually find. It is also that surreal peacefulness and lush richness of life that that the new collection from Thomas Rain Crowe captures. I can clearly see Crowe sitting at the little wooden table in front of the open window absorbing Italy and attempting to capture that feeling. He uses a series of scenes and lives to try and convey his experience in Brucciano, Italy, and does a fantastic job.

My favorite piece is where he describes the five hour meal event that no one wants to end. It makes my mouth water and my longing for culture and adventure swoon. I’ve been reading a lot of Travelogues lately and the desire to actually travel is welling up higher and higher with each book. The Brucciano Poems was printed by Sunnyoutside with two-color letterpress-printed cover and hand-stitched spine. Just like most Sunnyoutside chaps the book is a work for of art on its own.”

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