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Richard Lewis
21 Sep 2008
New Native Press
ISBN: 978-1-883197-14-8
Price: $14.95

Poetry. Nature. East-West traditions.
Richard Lewis with SHAKING THE GRASS FOR DEW, his first collection of original work, can be seen, perhaps, as the modern Western equivalent of the great nature poets of the East–Wang Wei and Han-Shan come to mind. Richard Lewis writes a kind of surreal metaphysics untamed and unlike anything being written in America today. The Neruda of Tao-inspired poems, Lewis’s longer Issa-like, haiku-like poems are fresh with the dew from whence they came: a place deep in the spirit of nature. An amazing and timely vision coming from someone who has lived most of his life in New York City.


Barbara R. Duncan
21 Sep 2008
New Native Press
ISBN:: 978-1-883197-16-2
Price: $8.00

Poetry. Appalachian Studies.
The author of two previous award-winning books on Cherokee culture, Barbara R. Duncan’s first collection of poems extends her talents as a songwriter into the literature of the southern Appalachians in a way reminiscent of work that came out of the Fugitive movement over a generation ago. Her attention to detail of flora and fauna and allegiance to tradition, shows why she is one of the most honored folklorists in America. These poems are as heartfelt and passionate as they are gentle and place-provoking.

rEdlipsticK CD audiobook
$10, 60 min. CD audiodisk
full text of Ted Pope’s book of same name
with accompanying soundscapes
and music by Jason Brady.

What Co$t Freedom?
$6, 14 pages, paper, limited edition

“With What Co$t Freedom?, Michael Revere has unleashed a poem that can only be described as a modern-day Book of Revelations. A “Howl” for our times, it is at once spiritual and secular, capturing both the sacred and the profane. Hip and holy, Hop and horror, it is a cautionary tome that is, if nothing else, a wake-up call for humanity during these forboding times when the appeal of laissez-faire capitalism seems to be stronger than common sense, stronger than survival.” – Thomas Rain Crowe

Poems From Snow Hill Road
$8, 40 pages, paper, limited edition

“First book by poet-ecoactivist Brent Martin. One of the best small books about place I’ve ever seen. Written from and about the community where he lives in rural western North Carolina, Snow Hill Road shines with the confidence of personal metaphors that bring the people and the hills alive. A mature start for a mature poet.” -Thomas Rain Crowe

The Baby Beats & The 2nd
San Francisco Renaissance
by Mathias de Breyne

New Native Press (2006) U.S.
La Main Courante (2006) France
Paperback: 250 pages / $20E

ISBN: 2-913919-24-38
French & English

A bi-lingual anthology published in France, edited and translated by French poet Mathias de Breyne, which looks back into the past and speaks for the present as well as predicts the future in relation to the 1970s 2nd San Francisco Renaissance–featuring the next generation of poets in the Beat tradition (the “Baby Beats”) alongside their Beat counterparts as they appeared in the pages of Beatitude and other northern California indie magazines.

The exciting, if unheralded, Bay Area literary scene of the 1970s fully documented in pictures and poems with attached CD which includes readings by Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Diane di Prima, Bob Kaufman, Jack Hirschman, Jack Micheline, Cole Swensen, Ken Wainio, Thomas Rain Crowe and others.

Ask your favorite local bookstore
to order a copy for you, today.

by Jeff Davis

New Native Press (2006)
Paperback: 91 pages / $12.50

ISBN: 1-883197-22-8
Poetry/Literature/Appalachian Studies

From the back cover:

“Way back when, a literary gent by the name of E.L. Pound, from Hailey, Idaho, announced to the world: “I divide poetry into what I can read and what I cannot read.” I am new to Jeff Davis’s work but hit’ll read!!! It reminds me that writers named Robert Creeley and Charles Olson once taught at Black Mountain College in Buncombe County NC – and made a difference.” – Jonathan Williams

by Ted Pope

New Native Press (2006)
Paperback: 61 pages / $12.50

ISBN: 1-883197-20-1
Poetry/Literature/World Cultures

From the back cover:

A hybrid combination of wise old sage and someone teeting on the edge describes Ted Pope in performance. On the page his work, likewise, combines ancient wisdom and that which is out of control. A walking contradiction, he is infused with a kind of charge rarely experienced, either onstage or on the page, in any time or space, in any culture or Age. In his word, his writing is imbued with an extra-terrestrial grounding that, for the reader, brings on vertigo while being in love with flight. And fly he does!

From ancient Egypt to the netherworlds of the subconscious, Ted Pope’s rEdlipsticK takes us on a journey of imagination bordering on legend. “Hang on!” he says, “and leave the flying to us.”

“Automatic Antiquity”
by Ken Wainio

New Native Press (2004)
Paperback: 70 pages / $12.50

ISBN: 1-883197-19-8
Poetry/Literature/World Cultures

Poems that represent the best of American surrealism and a perfect blending of East (Egypt and Turkey) and West (Greece, Western Europe and America)

“Ken Wainio is what happens when Eluard and Lautreamont meet the Oracle at Delphi.”

Against Information
and other poems

Lane, John
(1995) $7.95

From the Back Cover:
“For any who might have doubted that the human brain is the most explosively articulate of expert systems or feared that the best minds of our re-generation are being devoured by the Internet, this is the howl of the 90s, a poetic rallying cry for humane technology.” –Benjamin Dunlap

The first conscious collection of satirical poems from the Information Superhighway.

Paperback: 67 pages
ISBN: 1-883197-06-6

Anthems of
an Uncut Field

Truscott, Danielle
(1999) $9.95

Of English and Cornish descent, Danielle Truscott grew up in New England, England, and Italy. She attended Wesleyan University and Temple University and makes her living as a freelance writer and book editor. She currently lives in Asheville, North Carolina.

A first book of poems by a young woman writer who hails from the traditions of H.D. and Mina Loy. She is a more modern version of both, but uniquely her own voice.

Paperback: 88 pages
ISBN: xxxxxxxxxx

Automatic  Antiquity

Automatic Antiquity
Wainio, Ken
(2004) $12.50

Poems that represent the best of American
surrealism and a perfect blending of East
(Egypt and Turkey) and West
(Greece,Western Europe and America)

Paperback: 70 pages
ISBN: 1-883197-19-8

Book of Rocks, The
Crowe, Thomas Rain $6

Celtic Blood:
Selected Poems 1968-1994
Daughtry, Philip
(1995) $10

Philip James Daughtry was born near Newcastle-upon- Tyne, England, in 1942. On his father’s side, he is descended from legendary American outlaws Frank and Jesse James. He migrated to Canada in 1957, then to the United States where he has lived ever since. His previous books of poetry are The Stray Moon and Kid Nigredo. He currently lives in Santa Monica, California.

A direct descendent of Frank and Jesse James, Philip Daughtry is one of the only true Northumbrian Geordie poets writing in dialect today. Geordie and American poems from 1968 to 1994.

Paperback: xx pages
ISBN: xxxxxxxxxx

Deep Language
Crowe, Thomas Rain (1991) $5

I am what’s around me
Shull, Nate $6

Davis, Jeff
(2006) $12.95

Crowe, Thomas Rain
(broadside) $1

Personified Street, The
Crowe, Thomas Rain $10

Pocket Poems
Misc. Authors
(broadside) $1

Pope, Ted
(2006) $12.95

Saint in the Cellar, The
Kusumagraj $9.95

Seizures of
the Sun
McLachlan, Jimmy
(1996) $6

First poems from
a young prodigy.

Paperback: xx pages
ISBN: 1-883197-11-2

Sewing Machine, The

Ladik, Katlin $6

Starfuck (e-book – NOVEL)
Wainio, Ken $10

Two Lives
Wainio, Ken $5

Why I Am A Monster
Hughes-Alain, Dal $5

Writing The Wind:
A Celtic Resurgence
(The New Celtic Poetry
(ANTHOLOGY, 1998) $24.95


Cigarette Papers, The (cassette)
Cambridge, Richard $8

Laugharne Poems, The (cassette)
Watkins, Nan $8

Laugharne Poems, The (CD)
Watkins, Nan $15

Live at Lipinsky Hall (CD)
TRC & The Boatrockers $13

Live at the Green Door (cassette)

Perfect Work, The (cassette)
TRC & The Boatrockers $8.00

Perfect Work, The (CD)
TRC & The Boatrockers $15


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  1. Maggie Balistreri, Librarian

    May 12, 2010 at 2:34 pm

    Hi, I saw Les Poemes D’Une Vie Perdue: The Poems Of A Lost Life in the SPD catalog and would love it–and any poetry title published April 2009 or later–for this year’s Showcase!–Maggie

    Poets House 2010 Showcase:
    June 28, 2010 (Opening Reception)
    Submission Deadline: May 31, 2010

    Dear Publisher,

    This summer Poets House invites you to celebrate the 2010 Poets House Showcase, a festival of the art unlike any other—where all of this year’s new books, from publishers large and small across America, will be on display. Now that we are in our new home on the banks of the Hudson River, the Showcase will fill Kray Hall, and the voices of poets and audiences will spill out into the park. This year marks the first of a new summer festival of poetry. Please join us by making your new books a part of it.

    Opening on June 28, 2010, the Showcase will be on view throughout the month of July, including all of the year’s new poetry and poetry-related books, chapbooks, and multimedia titles published in the United States. Over 2,000 books were in last year’s exhibit, representing close to 600 publishers—commercial, university, independent, small, and micro-presses.

    Inclusion in the Showcase is entirely FREE. To participate, please email to let us know of your interest in participating in the Showcase and then send us review copies of your latest poetry books. The 2010 Showcase will include all poetry and poetry-related titles (volumes by individual authors, anthologies, chapbooks, biographies, critical studies, essay collections, CDs, DVDs, etc.) published since April 2009.

    Why participate?

    • Books are organized by publisher and displayed face-forward, offering free publicity not only for your latest titles but for your press as well.
    • Exposure to national prize and library acquisition committees.
    • Free listings in our online Directory of American Poetry Books, the country’s most complete bibliographic resource for contemporary poetry books.
    • After the Showcase, all titles are incorporated into Poets House’s 50,000-volume, noncirculating poetry library.

    To ensure your new books are included:

    • Please send an email to to let us know which books you will be sending no later than May 15, 2010.
    • Send two copies of each book to Poets House (address below) as soon as they are available. All books must be received by May 31 , 2010 to ensure a spot in the display.

    If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


    Maggie Balistreri, Librarian
    Poets House
    10 River Terrace
    New York NY 10282


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