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The Brucciano Poems

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The Brucciano Poems

poems by Thomas Rain Crowe

20 pages

ISBN 978-1-934513-23-1

5″ x 7″, chapbook with two-color letterpress-printed cover and hand-stitched spine.

First edition of 150 – $12
Release date: April 29, 2010

Writings of an
Environmental Activist

Thomas Rain Crowe
with illustrations by
Robert Johnson

ISBN: 1-893239-80-7

End of  Eden (cover)

The essays of Thomas Rain Crowe
combine with the stirring illustrations
of Robert Johnson to produce a prophetic
vision of the world in which we live–a
vision of what we have and what we stand
to loose through our careless disregard
for the Earth and its finite resources.
A kind of activist’s handbook, this is one
man’s attempts at saving his homeland
from mindless hedonism, outside invasion,
and outright denial–writing as if there might
be enough universal truth to be of some
use to others experiencing similar incursions
in their own locales.

“Straightforward and heartfelt in his writing
Crowe does not expect everyone to unplug
and head for the woods as he once did, but
the lessons he learned contain valuable truths
that we ignore at our peril. Like Thoreau, he
is a chanticleer, hoping to wake us up.”
– John Sledge
Mobile Register

“Robert Johnson is a profoundly gifted artist
filled with originality, intelligence and integrity.
Following in the footsteps of Frederic Church,
his artwork is an exhilarating tribute to our
natural world. He promotes a connection to the
environment that inspires the viewer with a
profound sense of belonging.”
– John Cram

Rare Birds (cover) RARE BIRDS
Conversations with Legends
of Jazz and Classical Music

Thomas Rain Crowe
with Nan Witkins

University Press of Mississippi
ISBN: 1-60473-110-1
Price $20.00

RARE BIRDS: Conversations With Music Legends

“Rare Birds is a valuable look into the variety of
contemporary American music–encompassing
philosophy, social history, aesthetics, terrific
anecdotes, and, above all, the wonderful work
that emanates from these six very different creators.”
[Charles Lloyd, Philip Glass, Abdullah Ibrahim,
Steve Reich, Eugene Friesen, Sathima Bea Benjamin]
– Tim Page



(Main Street Rag Publishers; 2007;
paper; 90 pages; $12 )

ISBN 978-1-59948-082-4

Crowe’s first major collection of poetry published here in the U.S. in 15 years. His seminal work that “engages life in all its political, economic, and spiritual diversity,” writes poet Jim Wayne Miller. With an introduction by Poet Laureate of San Francisco Jack Hirschman who compares this collection favorably with the work of Dylan Thomas and Arthur Rimbaud.

* To order this book: call 704-573-2516


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